Frequently Asked Questions

Is PEAK a gym?

We are a Personal Training studio for Qualified Personal Trainers to train their private clientele. We provide privacy for our clients which means, we do not have “members” freely roaming around the gym or interrupting your private session.

Are there membership dues?

We do not have open memberships at PEAK. There are no monthly dues or activation charges. The only fee you pay is the fees you’ve agreed to with your trainer.

What are the training rates?

Training rates begin at $80 per session however, each trainer determines their own rates.

How is a trainer assigned to me?

You get to choose the trainer or trainers with whom you would like to work. Please see the Trainer Bios ano feel free to contact any Qualified Trainer directly.  You may also contact David Clapp to learn more about any of our available trainers.

Can I bring my own trainer?

All of our Qualified Trainers are contracted to work at PEAK and pay a premium fee to bring their clients to PEAK.  Only PEAK Qualified Trainers are permitted to provide training services at PEAK.  Please have your trainer contact us if they are interested in becoming a Qualified Trainer at PEAK!

Can I workout at PEAK between my sessions?

Your training fee is applied solely to your private sessions and does not include use of the PEAK facility between sessions.  Your trainer will provide you with plenty of ideas to train on your own between your training sessions.  This will include ideas for working out at home or at one of the many quality gyms in our neighborhood.  We will gladly make recommendations based upon your needs.

Does PEAK offer group classes?

Group training will be available at a fee for private groups (2-5 individuals).  We do not offer open classes at this time.  We will offer larger events on holidays, so please check back with us as we would love to see you on the mornings of Thanksgiving and Independence Day.

How often can I workout at PEAK?

As much as you want provided there is a qualified trainer available to meet your schedule.

What days and hours is PEAK open?

Personal Training is available at PEAK by appointment only. PEAK is available 24/7 to our Qualified Trainers and their clients. Your trainer has a key and free access to bring you into PEAK according to their availability.

Is PEAK available for private group events such as parties?

Arrangements can be made on occasion to reserve the entire space. This is based on availability. There are fees to reserve the space in addition to the Trainers fee.