Our goal for PEAK Clients and Trainers was to find the best and most sensible fitness equipment to meet our training style. Professional Personal Training is interactive – the Trainer is involved in the training session. The Professional Trainer is not merely a rep counter standing next to a machine.  We don’t have machines.  We have tools that allow us to be involved in your training session. We have tools that require true coaching for proper form and technique.

While some may say our equipment looks “intimidating”, we hope everyone notices and appreciates the amount of open space we have at PEAK.  With the open space, we are able to focus on the most important weight of all – your own body weight and your ability to master how you carry yourself throughout the day with proper posture and body mechanics.

Here are some of the tools we have available at PEAK Personal Training:

LifeCycle Spin Bikes
Functional Training Tools: Elite Bosu Trainers, Plyo Boxes, Stability Balls
Freemotion Incline Trainer with iFit Walk or Run anywhere in the world!
Jacob’s Ladder Not For Weenies
Full Selection of Medicine Balls, Balance Tools and Much More
FreeMotion Functional Trainer
Benches: Flat, Incline and Decline
Hoist Dual Action Smith Rack
Half Racks with Olympic Bumper Plates and Olympic Lifting Platform
Full Dumbbell Set 5lbs - 100lbs
Full Dumbbell Set 5lbs – 100lbs