About Us

Our goal at PEAK is simple ~ to provide you with a GREAT TRAINING EXPERIENCE.  This includes access the most professional and most experienced trainers available to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  We do our best to find you the best!  Trainers who truly have your best interest at heart.

We also strive to find and stock the best and most up-to-date training tools.  We go above and beyond the standards.  BOSU Balance Trainer?  Not good enough!  We have the BOSU Elite Balance Trainer!  Treadmill?  Not good enough!  We have a Freemotion Incline Trainer which adjusts from a 30 degree incline to a -5 degree decline!  That’s correct – our trainer enables you to run downhill.  And wait until you check out our 192 square foot drop pad!!! This area is designed with a special floor system which permits you to drop weights safely and quietly!  And did we mention our music system?  Only the best for you!  We have a music system designed for you to bring in your own playlist so you can listen to custom playlists for your workout!  And because we are designed EXCLUSIVELY for Personal Training Sessions, you will not have the distraction of class music or free-roaming members to interrupt your workouts!  You and your Qualified Trainer can focus solely on YOU and YOUR Training!

But, just so you clearly understand, PEAK does NOT offer personal training services – PEAK provides a professional and clean location for professional trainers to operate their independent businesses. This is why we know we have the best Trainers. A Trainer must meet certain criteria to bring their business to PEAK.  Furthermore, they must already have an existing clientelle to bring to PEAK. This ensures us all, that you have Trainer with the knowledge and experience to attract and sustain personal training clients on their own.

Once we find great trainers, PEAK’s responsibility is simply to help these trainers to serve YOU by providing YOU and your Trainer with the best, cleanest and most professional training facility in Lake Oswego.

PEAK Personal Training was founded in 2016 by David Walker Clapp.  David brings over 30 years of Personal Training Experience to PEAK and he has tremendous visions for the future of PEAK Personal Training.

PEAK Personal Training: 971-219-0919

e-mail: david@peakpersonaltraining.fitness